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Marie Laurent Architecture is an architectural practice based in Dubai and Sharjah emirates. It was founded by Marie Laurent, also director of Project A .
an architectural consultancy office based in Dubai.
Marie Laurent has realized several projects in the United Arabic Emirates. It evolves within the dynamic environment of the Emirates and their will to develop extraordinary architectural concepts.
Architecture should be sure.
Marie Laurent Architecture functions under the strict rules of environmental awareness, quality and clarity.
Architecture should be beautiful, should be sure, should be simple and should be safe. Fashion is irrelevant, the search of talent and functionality is adamant.
Our portfolio includes the three main sectors of residential, commercial and administrative projects.

our services:
- Consulting on the geographical survey
- Consulting on the commercial survey
- Project study
- Construction plans
- CVSE plans
- Study of the construction detailing and engineering
- Customized furnishing
- Technical integration including lighting and sound and AV solutions.
- Cost analysis and budget follow up
- Gardens, pools, pool houses refurbishment and design.
- Quotations comparison for best budget management
- Construction planning
- Total project management
- Turnkey project – interior furnished
- Lighting project
- Furniture design
- joinery and upholstery.

structure / team :
Marie Laurent
Owner / Interior architect
Marie Laurent, 31 is a French interior architect who graduated from the American University in Dubai.
She has spent more than 10 years in the U.A.E.
During this time she has acquired a strong interest and knowledge of the Arabic’s culture.
In 2011 she was nominated as the Interior Architect of Sharjah Business Women Council for the realization of the new projects and development of the Al Fisht Corniche.
Marie Laurent has also worked 3 years in Geneva, Switzerland, at Favre & Guth and DVK architectural practices.

Sarah DaLiva
Administration department manager

Christopher Pagsanjan
Design department manager

Jefferson David
IT Manager

A team of 25 experienced and qualified craftsmen is in place. Talented carpenters, ironmongers, painters are all producing work to the highest Europeans standards:
- wood panels and paneling
- floorings
- furniture (indoors and outdoors)
- custom design projects

marie Laurent architecture partners with Sultan H. Al Owais group/ Sharjah for the development of important projects.

Their team consists of 7 civil and specialized engineers, and more than 70 employees for the building works.

marie laurent architecture has selected several companies and artisans with best craftmanship.

marie laurent architecture is a member of the APID/ Dubai and an active board member of the Interior Design and Architecture department of the American University in Dubai.

For international projects: DVK Architects / Geneva, Switzerland
Building maintenance: Moderna Middle East / Contracting Company / Sharjah
University HCT and Ajman Tower projects: Boss Contracting company / Sharjah
Sharjah Business Women Council -SBWC
Star Fire / Ecosmart Dubai




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