The Pet Project

It is not the most impractical letter box...
It is not an unfinished magazine holder...
Think outside the box, and outside the basket.
It is a beautifully crafted and essential room for your pets.

History of Pet Project
Design is all about details, we often leave aside the space of our best friends…The guardians and essential users of our house.
For our very specific new client, we followed MLA architecture guidelines.
Unique through use of space and design, The Pet Project comes on wheels for easy relocation. Offering 360 degree views, plush bespoke cushion and individual roof color, the sturdy structure is hand crafted in Dubai and individually numbered. Pet Project offers small, medium, and appropriate sizes.
Our extensive market research has provided a high success rate in fun, sleep comfort, and heightened people watching experience.
Paw of Approval by: Chuchupush, Pierre, Snooki, John and Fledermaus. We love to hear how much your pet loves the Pet Project and will happily add their name to the Paw of Approval list.
We follow your pets as we distribute worldwide.
What would we not do for them?